Easy App Management & Analytics

Proven Success


Full insights in the usage of the app, customizable with your own markers.

Runtime Configuration

Deliver your app via private app stores but customize per customer.

Full Control

Change your app on-the-fly and take control of push messaging.

Easy to Use

Available 24/7 via web and mobile.


Knowledge is power! Get insight in how the users experience your app and which paths they follow to reach their goal. The compact but powerful reports give you the information you need to improve your app and optimize user experience.

Why all the hassle about distributing your app via private app stores? Just let them download your app via the public app stores and do the configurion per customer at runtime by using the Appeanut Runtime Configuration utility. The end-user only needs his e-mail address to enable the app. It has never been easier.

Keep your users up-to-date using push notifications. Split your users in groups for personalized notifications based on their location, usage history or profile. Build a community around your app in only a few clicks.

Ofcourse, this mobile platform is available on your desktop, tablet and mobile. Ready to use each day, everyday.

Integrating Appeanut in your app is just a few clicks away. Our SDK for Android, iOS and Windows helps you to create custom markers for monitoring and even helps you to debug your app in development.

App Insights

Track user behavior in your app

Our custom markers make sure that you can get data of every aspect in your app. Appeanut translates this data in useful information using our complete package of dashboard and graphing tools. You can track the time needed to perform a certain task in your app or see where and when the app is used.

Ready in an instant

Appeanut is ready to use from the day you log in. You can give people access to only a subset of your reports or define separate users for configuration, technical debugging information and anayltics to make sure that everyone has the data they need.

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